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Omni Shoreham Wedding – Annapolis Photographer

Omni Shoreham Wedding – Alexandra and Kevin

If I had only two words to describe Alexandra and Kevin’s Omni Shoreham wedding I would say “classic elegance” would be the most descriptive.  Alexandra chose a white lace gown for herself and Kevin wore a classic black tux.  The wedding party wore red ballgowns and black tuxedos.  The church and ballroom were what wedding dreams are made of.  Alexandra does a much better job of telling the story of how she and Kevin came to be a couple and why they chose various aspects of their wedding.

How did we meet:
“It was July 4th 2013 and Kevin’s cousin invited me to his beach house to hang out and watch the fireworks. Kevin was there, we talked all night and eventually exchanged phone numbers. It took a while for us to finally go out together but once we did, we immediately clicked and the rest was history. It turns out that after we started dating, we found out I’ve known one side of his family since first grade. I went to grade school and middle school with them! Small world! And now we’re officially related!”

Why we picked Holy Rosary Church:
“Alexandra’s grandparents, both maternal and paternal, immigrated to America from Italy in the late 1950’s. When they came to America, they didn’t know many people so they started to go to Holy Rosary Church for mass, spaghetti dinners and celebrations. Alexandra’s mother was also baptized at Holy Rosary so it’s very sentimental to us for that reason.”

Why we picked Omni Shoreham Hotel Blue Room:
“Alexandra’s grandfather worked at the Omni back in the day for many years. After he came to America, he started as a bus boy and then was promoted to a Maitre d’ of the Blue Room. When we visited the Omni as a potential venue and walked into the Blue Room, we immediately felt his presence and all got goose bumps. We knew the Omni was the place!”

Wedding Day Dreams:
“Alexandra always wanted to get married in the city and when she met Kevin, they always went out in DC for Nationals Games, Capitals Games and to walk around and explore the city. Kevin proposed to Alexandra in Washington DC at the WW2 monument and that was one reason why they both wanted to get married in Washington DC.”

On top of all of these personal touches Alexandra held back on bit of information from Kevin during the wedding planning.  Alexandra had secretly been rehearsing with the wedding band and following the parent dances she got up on stage and serenaded Kevin with Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love”.

The highlight of the night for me was when Kevin said “The best decision we made was getting rid of that other photographer and hiring you”!  Thank you to Alexandra and Kevin for trusting in me to photograph your Omni Shoreham wedding.

Anne Canon is an Annapolis, Maryland wedding photographer serving Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and beyond.

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