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Tori and Drew – St. Louis Wedding Photographer

Tori and Drew – St. Louis Wedding Photographer

As I work with couples leading up to their wedding days I love learning about them, how they met, when they knew they wanted to get married, and how the proposal happened.   Tori and Drew have   one of the most romantic proposals I have ever heard!

 “The day we got engaged was truly a fairy tale. Andrew (Drew) put much thought, time, and effort into the proposal. We were on a 10-day trip in the Netherlands. On day two of our trip we ventured out into a small town called Delft. This city is well known for the famous Delft pottery and the birth place of Johannes Vermeer, a famous Dutch painter in the 1600’s. The city was quaint town with beautiful row homes and big beautiful churches. We started our morning by visiting the Vermeer Museum, learning about his paintings and use of light in his works. After the museum, Drew told me he wanted to walk down some of the streets in Delft to “check out” the city. While on our walk, it was very peaceful and beautiful. Drew went on to ask me about which Vermeer painting was my favorite. I told him I liked Vermeer’s, View of Delft, best. He acknowledged it was a beautiful painting, but thought that I would soon have a new favorite painting because he wanted to ask me to marry him in front of where Vermeer painted The Little Street. It was a beautiful and intimate moment for the both of us as he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. The day we got engaged continued to be quite a memorable day. We went into the beautiful churches of Delft, had lunch on the terrace, and had plans to go to the Delft Factory. After lunch, I thought Drew was navigating us to the Delft Factory, but surprised me with a night stay in Delft at a boutique hotel called, Hotel Vermeer. Since we didn’t have any of our luggage, Drew thought ahead and had a duffle bag shipped from Maryland to Hotel Vermeer where it was waiting in the Delft suite for us. Drew had made dinner reservations that night, so in the duffle bag he had a dress and heels for me and a suit for him to wear. He even packed all my makeup and toiletries. Our engagement dinner was delicious and the day was so so special. Most definitely one we will never forget and of course, love to tell.” – Tori

Tori and Drew’s wedding was equally wonderful!  Here are a few of my favorite moments from the day.

Thank you to Tori and Drew for allowing the honor and privilege of being their wedding photographer!


Anne Canon is a St. Louis, Missouri wedding photographer.  Now booking 2019 weddings in St. Louis, Chicago, and is also available for travel.  Contact Anne today to see if she is the right fit for your wedding!

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