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Eastern Shore Wedding – Allie and Matt

Eastern Shore Wedding – Allie and Matt

Allie and Matt were married over Labor Day weekend in on Kent Island.

Allie and Matt met at Coastal Carolina University.  Six months after they started dating Allie moved back to Maryland and quickly realized that Matt was the one.  So, she packed up and headed back to South Carolina to be with Matt!  Matt realized Allie was the one after a 10 hour car ride together where he realized how much fun they had together and how easy it was to be together.

Their Eastern Shore wedding was truly a family event!  In Allie’s own words, here is the story on how her wedding to Matt came to be:

“Our wedding is at my Uncle Hal’s house, having a wedding on this property has turned into a family tradition, as I am the 4th cousin to be married there. My uncle’s house has always been the location of all our holiday parties. When I was really young, my siblings and I used to come down the night before thanksgiving and sleep over and help Aunt Judy setup. My Aunt Judy and Uncle Hal are my Godparents, and have always treated me like I was their grandchild growing up. It’s really special to me to sleep there the night before the wedding and to be able to celebrate our marriage here today.”

Upon my arrival the energy and excitement could be felt through the house.  The reception tent was being prepared for the party, Allie’s Aunt Judy was busy putting final touches on the floral arrangements, the ladies were finishing up hair and make up and Allie’s dad was “kicked out” of the house in preparation of his first look with Allie.  It was quickly apparent that Allie and her dad shared a special bond.  Their first look was so sweet and tender that it brought tears to my eye’s.  Equally special were the moments where Allie’s  mom watched with Allie enjoying all the moments of her day.  With Allie living in South Carolina, her mother had handled a lot of the planning process.

I met Matt at the church prior to the ceremony to spend some time photographing him with his groomsmen.  It is not always the easiest task to work with large wedding parties.  However, I have to say that this group of gentlemen were fantastic.  They were lighthearted and fun while still being respectful of the things we needed to complete prior to the ceremony.  Matt may have had one of the most expressive reactions to seeing Allie for the first time on their wedding day as she walked down the aisle!

With the ceremony complete, we all headed back to Uncle Hal and Aunt Judy’s house for the reception.  Let me just say, this group knows how to put on a party!  The toasts were full of sweet memories and funny stories.  The co-maids of honor even serenaded the group with a rap! The food was delicious.  The dance floor was packed and Matt’s family put on an entertaining dance to Meat Loaf’s “I would do anything for love”.  The night was closed out when Allie and Matt made their exit through a tunnel of sparklers!

Thank you to Allie and Matt for having me be a part of their Eastern Shore Wedding!

Another thank you goes to Allie’s mom Bridget who was my main point of contact during the wedding planning process and by the end felt like a friend!

Anne Canon is an Annapolis, Maryland wedding photographer serving Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and beyond.

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